Free Powerful Purpose 

Coaching Session

  • Get clear about your purpose and why it's important
  • Design effective strategies to reach your goals 
  • Feel re-energized, inspired and empowered to finally make your dreams a reality!


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Why I am offering a complimentary session

My practice grows through word of mouth and referral. People usually have amazing results, even after just one session. Therefore, they are likely to talk about it with their friends. And I would rather spend my time doing what I love (coaching!) than doing traditional marketing. I love serving people who inspire me with their dreams in this way. 

Manipulative sales tactics will not be part of the conversation. If you benefit from our session and think you might want to work with me further, you can ask. 

You will be contacted if you are selected. There’s never been a more important time to share your gifts with the world!


Cynthia Baker, LMFT
Life Purpose Coach