Life Purpose Coaching

Are you afraid of getting to the end of your life without making the difference you could have made?

Do you sense that the world urgently needs your help, but don't know where to focus your efforts?

Do you want to maximize the use of your gifts in service of something greater than yourself?

Do you yearn to serve a higher purpose or take your calling to the next level?

Coaching Can Help You:

  • Clarify the purpose of your life
  • Make the difference only you can make
  • Dream bigger than you've ever dreamed
  • Be amazed by what you can create

Why Life Purpose Coaching?

Knowing your Life Purpose can be like having a compass that guides you in all areas of life. Life Purpose Coaching clarifies who you are and how you can best use your gifts to contribute to the world.

It pinpoints what will make you feel most fulfilled and make the biggest difference. Having a Coach can empower you to take bigger, bolder steps, creating results that you may not have thought possible.

You can eliminate fears, doubts and limiting beliefs. You can improve your skills, overcome obstacles and create shortcuts to success. You can dream big while also prioritizing balance. The tools and strategies you learn can be used for future aspirations to create a dream-come-true life.

Who This Is For

Life Purpose Coaching may be for you if you are:
  • motivated to fulfill your potential, use your gifts in service, and align with what you truly want
  • willing to take action, stretch your comfort zone, and challenge the beliefs that limit you
  • open to support, accountability, possibility and new perspectives
  • thinking that there might just be the seed of genius, greatness or magic inside of you

Who This Is Not For

Life Purpose Coaching isn't for you if: 
  • You like your same old perspectives, thank you very much
  • You'd rather not know your purpose because then you might have to get off the couch and do something about it
  • You wish you could just pay someone to achieve your dreams while you eat bonbons and binge watch TV




Cynthia Baker, LMFT
Life Purpose Coach 


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