Coaching for Environmental Change Agents

If you are an environmentalist, change agent, or activist, coaching can help you make a bigger difference in less time and with less effort. The global crisis calls for each of us to fulfill our role in the great turning in order to create a sustainable world and society.

Coaching can assist you with: 

  • Greater clarity
  • Creative and effective strategies
  • Leverage your time and energy
  • Access inner wisdom and insights
  • Use your gifts for the greater good
  • Prevent burn-out
  • Empowerment & inspiration
  • Self-care 

Who This is For

  • Values-driven Business Owners
  • Non-profit Leaders
  • Progressive Politicians
  • Political Activists
  • Environmental Professionals
  • Community Organizers
  • Volunteers
  • Environmental Educators & Students
  • Others Making a Difference
  • Those Seeking a Calling

Environmentalist: a person who is interested in or studies the environment and who tries to protect it from being damaged by human activities.